Robert DeNiro attacked for wanting vaccine facts

Story here.

Be sure to watch the video clip — lot more said than in the text.  There are plenty of health professionals that are questioning vaccine safety and effectiveness.  It is known to cause damage to celiacs and is not recommended in families where one child has had a reaction to vaccines…and yet, the hysteria created around vaccination demands absolute obedience without question.

Again, the talking heads do not question Big Pharma, which pays for their huge salaries, and they do not advocate for patients’ right to decide what goes into their bodies and the right to refuse.

It’s pretty telling how well Big Pharma and the Media have created the hysteria so thoroughly that even filmmakers want to deny freedom of speech towards another filmmaker.

But I’m sure it’s okay with them if there is a violent or porn flick shown…you know, in the name of free speech.  Pfft.


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