The psychology of J. Edgar Hoover towards Martin Luther King, Jr. and the selling of the Indiana Toll Road

Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968, exactly one year after he delivered the ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech where he advocated for the poor and spoke out against war. If you recall, it was at this moment that he was abandoned by those that had stood by him through it all.
My other blog here on MLK contains a powerful speech he gave after the Sealtest fight for equal pay:
The second video speech is so powerful. Sends chills down my spine.


The New York Times published an unedited version of the horrible letters sent to MLK…because you know, he was a terrorist by today’s standards and he needed to be stopped….

Hoover presented evidence of his extramarital affair and how he was going to expose him….encouraging MLK to commit suicide.  What a creep.  Thank God MLK was strong enough in his faith and spirit that he could resist such a demoralizing onslaught from the FBI.

It’s a really important history lesson here–because it is the same psychological games being used to portray those of us who ask questions and don’t follow like sheep as unpatriotic–we saw this with the George W. Bush administration when people objected to the Iraq War…”You’re either with us or against us”….great psychological game he played for those of us who knew from the beginning that it was about oil.  His administration lied to us about Weapons…

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