Yet another oil spill…

…this time, TransCanada pipeline spills oil in South Dakota.  According to this, it’s the FIFTH time this has happened.  The talking head  on a S. Dakota TV station stated this was not Keystone, but the story says differently.  They described it as Keystone I.  So apparently, there are two Keystone pipelines — one we hear about, and one that we don’t. It was clear by the positive spin the talking head was putting on this, that the oil company has bought this station.

Other newspaper reports were also putting a positive spin, putting TransCanada in a positive light as reporting the leak…as if they had discovered it.

No, No, No.  The landowner discovered the leak and reported it.

The spin on the RT link stated that TransCanada *immediately* took action.

Okay, to me, immediately means *that day*.  The leak was reported by 12:30 p.m. Saturday.  The crews did not get there until SUNDAY to start pulling back topsoil to discover the source of the leak.  Yeah, they were really concerned about oil spilling all over the land.  Um-hmm. /snark

On top of all of this, the public was not notified until Monday.  The reason could be that they are trying to get approval for yet another pipeline– so they were perhaps trying to keep it quiet and it leaked out.

The problem is foresight…we keep thinking we can kick the can down the road…but as was noted with the Kalamazoo spill, folks who moved from the horrible contamination of that spill found that they had moved close to yet another oil pipeline.  We keep thinking we can leave contaminated area “A” and move to area “B” and somehow, it magically won’t get contaminated…but that is not dealing with reality.






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