Sea World hasn’t changed at all…

(cue the soft “we care” music…)

(picture of an Orca swimming in their majestic way)

Voice of announcer comes on while describing how magnificent these creatures are — and how Sea Word stubbornly refuses to set them free because……they have suddenly grown a conscience…?

Yeah, right.

It’s more likely that it will take $$$ to move Tillikum to the waters he was taken from…and Sea World doesn’t want to shell it out.

Never mind that they have made millions of dollars off of Tillikum, and that he has sired more orcas for them to sell or use in shows.

It’s time, Sea World, to pay back the enormous debt that you owe Tillikum.

You owe him that.  Set him free.

Set him free.

Set him free.

Just once, do something right for all the misery you have caused!!




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