Communications 101, Class 7

Corbett Report does a good job of exposing Bill Gates for his piracy, but it also does a good job of encouraging active viewing of media — know who is paying for the nooz you are viewing.  ABC and Lehrer do not come out in obvious fashion to tell the viewer their reports are being funded by Gates.  I wanted to throw up at the “superhero” segment by ABC News.  Gag me.

Without further ado~

The one thing Corbett leaves out is the underhanded way that Microsoft cornered the PC market — they forced companies to sign exclusive agreements where they would use only Microsoft technology.  Computer geeks are of the opinion that Linux was a far better operating system that was more reliable than Windows…but they were not the cheaters that Microsoft was…and they lost out.  The public lost out, because this goes against the true value of capitalism — where the best product won.

Next, we have Jim Fetzer recap with some new material on false flags.


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