Australia and U.S. target vaccine resistors

Coming to a doctor’s office near you…this is why they were insisting on electronic records…so Big Brother can track your health records and intimidate you and your loved ones into getting vaccines.

Note how they pick on the poor.  The conscientious objectors to vaccines whom have little resources to fight back will be intimidated into giving their children known poisons, allergens, and aborted fetuses because the politicians know they won’t be as likely to fight back.

Note the link to the Indiana Dept. of Health’s intimidating letter to parents.  “Vee know you are not obedient. Vee know vere you live.” (a really bad Nazi imitation).

The link to the medical rights blog is important.  Know your right to decide what goes into your body…and that they are violating that right.

Just like they did during the Vietnam War — it’s time to start burning letters like the ones sent by the dept. of health.  Please have your camera recording, make several copies, and post on youtube, and of course, let us know.





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