Now we see why Zika hysteria was created…

Watching HLN just now, they announced that genetically modified mosquitoes are being released in Florida….to combat the non-threat of the Zika virus.  Un-freaking-believable.

As someone opposed to this stated — We don’t want to be Big Pharma’s guinea pigs for their big mosquito experiment.  They have no idea how these genetically modified beings are going to affect one’s health.  Going on history, they have created more problems than they have cured.  Just look at any Big Pharma product’s ad — there are as many side effects as are *cough* cures.  And when people start having side effects that seriously impact their health, they are ignored, laughed at, and being told they are hypochondriacs (usually women).

This is wrong, wrong, wrong.  These monsters have nothing on Dr. Mengele.  Just plain evil.

My other posts on Zika virus here and here; and the post of the devastating effects of Lupron/Synarel here, here, and here.



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