…and the evil experimentation continues: Radiation Underground

I had read about an underground facility being bandied about in South Dakota.  It was disheartening to see this on the jobs website:


I had that sinking feeling when I first read of the underground facility…the report stated that it was considered, but was tabled.  Now we see it is back…

Just because the facility is underground does not mean it is safe.  Likely will poison the earth, as well.  This in turn would poison water underground.  I mean, we don’t even know what all it would do…and being out-of-sight, it would be even more difficult to discover what harm it has done.

There is no reason at all that radiation should be tested anywhere, anytime.  None.  As Ralph Nader once put it — nuclear energy is just a fancy way to boil water.

There are too many downsides to radioactive energy and dubious benefit.  You will never, ever be able to get rid of the waste so that someone, somewhere is not exposed.   As always, the destruction to Earth and to plants and to animals is conveniently ignored or downplayed by those who make profits off of the industry.  They are rarely held accountable (both legally and financially).

Fukushima is the most recent incident that shows how devastating radiation is.  This recent report states that radiation IS STILL A PROBLEM on the ship that served in the rescue mission after the nuclear accident.

Moving radioactive waste.

Karen Silkwood, an activist who mysteriously died in a car accident after raising awareness and demanding accountability by the nuclear industry.

Yassar Arafat poisoned with radioactive polonium.  This is the same poison allegedly used on the Russian opponent to Putin.

Finally, this one is especially important to the area that is now being used for this underground facility — Native Americans were told they would have to choose between casinos or nuclear waste facilities in order to be recognized as sovereign.  Now we have casinos…AND radioactive facilities.

I don’t think, as an economist, that I would hang my development policy on a casino. But the federal government says to Indian people, “I will recognize your sovereignty if you have either a nuclear or toxic-waste dump or casino.” That’s pretty much the only way you get your sovereignty recognized as Indian people.
Let me be clear about this: We are sovereign. I don’t care if the federal government recognizes me, my nation, and my people. That’s of little consequence to me in the long-term picture. The federal government, as far as I’m concerned, is by and large illegal. Most transactions are illegal. It’s like being recognized by a bunch of hoodlums.

~~~Winona LaDuke

It’s like the continuation of genocide — only instead of bioterrorism (smallpox in blankets) or killing nearly all the buffalo, it’s poisoning with radioactive uranium mining, poisoning the river with lead, mercury, and arsenic; and now an underground facility with unknown radiation.

Why must we all be subjected to this over and over?

Because nuclear is a weapon of war.  And there are those saying Syria will be our WWIII, with nuclear being used as the final solution.

God help us.





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