Loretta Lynch before Congress **edited

So…I flipped on cspan.org.  Loretta Lynch is testifying about the Apple case.  Dianne Feinstein was doing her best to couch the breaking of Fourth Amendment rights to get at the phone of the non-terrorists of the *cough*  San Bernardino terrorist non-attack by crisis actors.  While I’m watching, this guy behind her to her left catches my eye.

cspan.loretta.lynch.3.2016.guy with ear piece.png

As I watched him, he is constantly looking around the room.  He’s got an ear piece in, too.  I guess he could be secret service detail, but something just struck me about him and it wasn’t a good feeling.

I mean, we take for granted that he is secret service and go on about our business.

But with all the politicians ending up with black eyes and broken noses…somebody is not protecting them.  What if this guy is an Israeli agent?  Or some other agent there to make sure Lynch doesn’t step out of line?  As I was watching just moments ago, as she was talking, he got this look on his face that he disliked what she was saying…

Again, this is just me talking…but something is not right here.

**edited:  I replaced “First” Amendment with “Fourth” Amendment.  So many violations of the Constitution…so little time…



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