Dead Doctors Update

I went looking for any updates to Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s murder.  Nothing from his family’s personal investigation…and *crickets* from the police regarding their investigation.

However, I found the video below that opened more avenues of people apparently being bumped off…including bankers.  Stories on that here with a dead banker found dead in a bathtub with a slashed throat, here with comments on economies around the world collapsing, and here with a list of all of them. Another webpage view here.

There was a young banker who died a year ago in a plane crash.  I cannot remember his name, only that he was young and again, was a banker who died under circumstances that should warrant an investigation.  I vaguely remember that his plane did a nose dive.  And that it was carried on the financial channel, but not on the nightly nooz.

The other death that should raise a hundred red flags is the nurse practitioner Paige Adams who actually told others that if she died, not to assume anything.  She was associated with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet — another huge flag.


They also mention biologists associated with biowarfare.  Bruce Ivins popped into my head.  John “Jack” Wheeler.  God only knows who else….



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