Cry for help after four teens take their own lives on Manitoba First Nation

It’s just my opinion…but they don’t need more mental health workers…who want to drug them up with legal psychiatric drugs so they’re numb and don’t feel anything anymore. They don’t work and they cause more issues than they solve. I’m from the outside looking in and no disrespect is intended, but rather, an observation of how much has been lost by the disconnect from nature, Spirit, and those of like minds. The traditional way respected and valued women…this is a factor in a young woman’s growing view of herself. Fifteen is that age of half-child, half-woman and being lost in society’s definition of her value probably contributed to her decision. Her weakened, wounded spirit didn’t have the strength to get through a dark moment. Bless her family and her spirit…

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suicide-prevention-walk-pimicikamak-cree-nation An estimated 1,000 people from the Pimicikamak Cree Nation (Cross Lake First Nation) attended a suicide prevention walk Thursday. (Facebook)

Most recent victim will be buried Sunday on what would’ve been her 15th birthday

By Karen Pauls, CBC News, March 04, 2016

Young people on the Pimicikamak Cree Nation are crying out for help after four teenagers killed themselves in less than three months.

“There’s so much of it happening,” said Amber Muskego, 17, who was close friends with some of the young people who have died since just before Christmas.

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