You know, when Jimmy Fallon badly injured his hand, I didn’t quite buy what the reason was…and now as I saw him on TV, the injury flashed in my head.  I had the feeling at the time that there was more to it — like it was a mob hit.  Or rather, a mob “warning”.  I don’t have anything to back that up with–just something that popped in my head.

Other injuries under curious circumstances were John Kerry.

Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett talk about the suspicious circumstances here (a side note that Kevin makes the statement that they “are following the law so that they will leave us alone and not jam us…”   Just want to say that going along to get along is not going to save you — the Cherokees tried that.  They adopted many white ways and they were still pushed out of the Carolinas.  Barrett and Fetzer go on to explain — talking about when the British PM made the statement that even if folks are following the law, the authorities can still pick them up.  Just wanted to note that.):



(Again, I don’t agree with Jim Fetzer’s take on the Holocaust.  )


John Kerry is mentioned around 27:00, if you want to skip the first part.  I would recommend all of it, however, because of the context and variety of topics covered.

A report here, on the suspicious circumstances of Kerry’s disappearance.

More details here.

John Kerry suffers black eyes and a broken nose, three years prior…and it’s attributed to a hockey game.  I am really having a hard time believing our Secretary of State has had so many mishaps while playing sports.  And TWO black eyes?

When I was in high school, I got slammed in the face with large ball while playing dodge ball.  My nose bled for a half hour.  You would think I would have ended up with black eyes, too, after the trauma to the nose, but I did not.  So, yeah, I’m having a hard time believing this story –especially when combined with the other “accidents”.

And then there’s Harry Reid...more here.

And George W. Bush’s “pretzel” accident

Again, I had doubts about the  official version of why Bush had a black eye.  Some speculated he was drinking and fell.  I suppose that could be true, but it still just doesn’t ring true for me.  And the fact that there were only a handful of pictures of the incident when there were pages of Reid’s and Kerry’s black eyes….it looks a little too much like it was hushed up.  Perhaps he was tipsy and fell — but will all of these political leaders ending up looking like they got the sh*t beat out of them, it concerns me.

If what I am seeing is true…the question then is….who is doing this…?






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