Workin’ Birds…

This article reports on the Blue Jays and Crows doing their work for the ecosystem…although I would say that most birds would fit this description.  A lot of them eat seeds and distribute them to faraway places. I have seen over and over where birds have helped start plants in other locations.

In a kindergarten class I had, the lesson was on blue jays.  One little boy must have had a bad experience with them, because he kept repeating that Jays were aggressive birds.  He pretty much demonized them.

I’ve watched Jays for decades and I can’t say that they are any more aggressive than any other bird.  They all peck at one another to get at the seed in a bird feeder.  I have seen the Jays get a few seeds, and then leave the feeder — they don’t stay there and continually peck at the other birds to hog all of it.  I’ve also heard them mimic a hawk’s cry.  Squirrels were trying to eat all the seed, and I think the Jays were mimicking the hawk in order to scare the squirrels off the feeder.

In the magazine, Birds and Blooms, a reader wrote in about an observation:  she hated grackles until she observed a grackle on the bird feeder, pushing seed off the side.  At first, she was disgusted that it was wasting seed…and then she followed where the bird was pushing the seed…a grackle with a broken wing was down below, gobbling up the seed.  It changed her perspective of the birds.

Nature works towards regeneration while we humans work at destroying it.  Nature shows generosity and wit while we become more greedy and humorless.



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