Woman sues Saskatoon police over dog attack, arrest

There is a difference between doing your job and acting in an irresponsible manner. His dog should have been under his control at ALL times, just as we would expect a pet owner to behave. This dog picked up the scent of *somebody* in the area — it attacked without merit — this is just reckless and irresponsible to the nth degree.

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saskatoonsk-february-25-2016-0226-news-police-protest Sheila Tataquason, right, with supporters outside the provincial courthouse on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. She is suing Saskatoon police for damages she suffered when she was attacked by a police dog and arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. Greg Pender / Saskatoon StarPhoenix

by Hannah Spray, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Feb 25, 2016

Sheila Tataquason was sitting in her backyard, visiting with a friend, when a dog came out of the darkness and attacked her, sinking its teeth into her hip.

Her friend, Joshua Desnomie, tried to get the dog off her. When the dog’s handler, a Saskatoon police canine officer, came into the yard, he saw two people he believed matched the description of the people he was looking for — a man had reported being robbed by a man and woman only minutes earlier at the nearby Fas Gas at 20th Street and Avenue H.

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