More than 100 indigenous women in N.L. murdered or missing, meeting told

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Missing Murdered Women rally Rally for missing/murdered Indigenous women. CBC.

Pre-Inquiry meeting held at the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre

By Mark Quinn, CBC News, March 31, 2016

A shocking number was revealed at meeting in St. John’s Wednesday: more than 100 indigenous women and girls are estimated to have been murdered or gone missing in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It is a big issue, and that’s the point,” said Angus Andersen, who hosted the gathering of about a dozen people at the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre.

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Sea World hasn’t changed at all…

(cue the soft “we care” music…)

(picture of an Orca swimming in their majestic way)

Voice of announcer comes on while describing how magnificent these creatures are — and how Sea Word stubbornly refuses to set them free because……they have suddenly grown a conscience…?

Yeah, right.

It’s more likely that it will take $$$ to move Tillikum to the waters he was taken from…and Sea World doesn’t want to shell it out.

Never mind that they have made millions of dollars off of Tillikum, and that he has sired more orcas for them to sell or use in shows.

It’s time, Sea World, to pay back the enormous debt that you owe Tillikum.

You owe him that.  Set him free.

Set him free.

Set him free.

Just once, do something right for all the misery you have caused!!



Tribal Citizens Rise Up Against Bakken Oil Pipeline

Not only do they want to make South Dakota a nuclear waste dump, but why not throw in a pipeline to destroy the water supply, too? /snark

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Sioux Spirit Camp Rosebud Sioux Spirit Camp.

March 29th, 2016

Spirit Camp Press Contact:

Tribal Citizens Rise Up Against Bakken Oil Pipeline
Horse Ride and Spiritual Camp To Be Held Along Proposed Route of Dakota Access Pipeline

Cannonball, SD – On April 1st, 2016, tribal citizens of the Standing Rock Lakota Nation and ally Lakota, Nakota, & Dakota citizens, under the group name “Chante tin’sa kinanzi Po” will have a Horse Ride to celebrate the founding of a Spirit Camp that will be erected along the proposed route of the bakken oil pipeline, Dakota Access. This camp will be called Iŋyaŋ Wakȟáŋaǧapi Othí, translated as Sacred Rock, the original name of the Cannonball area. The Spirit Camp is dedicated to stopping and raising awareness of the Dakota Access pipeline,  the dangers associated with pipeline spills and the necessity to protect the water resources of the Missouri river.

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Save Lelu Island & Flora Banks Fund

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by Stop Pacific NorthWest LNG/Petronas on Lelu Island, March 29, 2016

Since August 25, 2015, we have been occupying Lax U’u’la :”place where the seals are” (Lelu Island) & Flora Banks, territory of the Gitwilgyots Tribe, House of Gwishawaal, to practice our Aboriginal rights and title. By doing this we legally prevent and slow surveying, work, and construction of the Pacific Northwest LNG/liquified fracked methane project proposed near Port Edward, BC.

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Tillikum is dying…

Tillikum, the Orca who was featured in the documentary Blackfish, is apparently dying.

It makes me angry that Sea World was spinning the orca story, but still refused to set Tillikum free.  If they had done this when this article appeared, at the beginning of the month, he would have had to date…twenty days of freedom.  Yes, I know Sea World is trying to pretend they give a rat’s behind that Tillikum would perish if they set him free…while caging him in an unnatural, cramped, prison.

Set him free.  Let him live one single day in freedom that you took from him. Let him glide the waves.



Stealing children…

It is stunning when their are “coincidences”…as this post by Carol Hand and the destruction of the Native society by taking the children away from their parents.

I started the post below a couple of days ago.  As anything, when something is emotional for me, I let it rest to cool off my emotions.  I can’t say that my emotions cooled off much after reading Carol’s post.


So, I’m watching a nooz/entertainment show that aired a segment of a Native American child being taken away from foster parents.  Read that:  FOSTER parents.  The whole scene played out like a false flag with cameras recording the event (who called them?) and the street lined up with *concerned* neighbors and friends, singing Amazing Grace.  The parents were crying crocodile tears, from what I could see.  The drama was unbelievable and if they truly cared about that child, they would have not made such a disturbing scene….especially after the announcer stated that the foster family knew years before that members of her family wanted to raise her.

Her heritage is key — so-called Christians were kidnapping Native children and raising them as their own.  I thought this practice stopped in the 70s…but from what I have witnessed — it is still occurring, but in a sneakier way.

Women whom have been victims of domestic violence/verbal abuse are having their children taken away from them.  If they are lucky, they have a proactive shelter that will connect them with attorneys that can get their child back.  Of course, the child’s welfare is paramount and if the mother was abusing them, too, then there would be reason to take the child away.

Foster parents are “re-educating” these children — taking them to their church, sometimes two or three times a week.  That looks like the same thing as they were trying to do back in the day.  Mothers are being cut off during phone conversations when the foster mother doesn’t like the way the conversation is going.  That is, when the mother tries to assert her authority about her child.

I’ve seen a mother whose husband was abusing her, and the child was given to him!  This I saw with white women, as well.  I saw case after case of women being abused, and then losing custody to their ex-husbands.  One case, a woman was abused and the judge decided against giving the man custody, but then gave custody to his parents — the ones that raised the abuser!  And, in case you’re wondering, this was the same judge who ruled against me.  His reasons?  I was going to leave town.

During the trial…er, I mean, hearing…the ex’s attorney asked me if I went to church.  I knew this was an illegal question, and I looked at my attorney to object.  She sat there and did nothing.  I answered that I did not attend church….but that wasn’t true.  I was actually attending a Unitarian Universalist church at the time, but I was still in my searching stage, and did not know if I wanted to stay.  And I just wanted one aspect of my life that my ex and his family could not interfere with….I wanted just a piece of my life that my ex could not ruin….

There was a domestic violence shelter that had multiple copies of selfish, narcissistic, sociopath Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and the Book of Mormon.  While I was there, a box of Book of Mormon arrived.  I have no idea if they ordered them or the church just felt *cough* generous.  Same with the Ayn Rand books.  I know that Ayn Rand organization have been trying to force themselves onto others (much like religions do) and an email I read once said they were trying to get into school curriculum. Yep.  So it would not surprise me that they sent these books for “free” to the shelter.

I was given the “lost sheep” speech while someone tried to get me to go to the Mormon church in that small town.   I was given this speech while in Fort Wayne, by a member of the building whom had decided that I was a lost sheep and she was going to “save” me.

It made me angry because I am not a lost sheep, and they are not the Shepherd. It was arrogant and judgmental.  It never ceases to amaze me how people who don’t even know me decide they know what is best for me and that I am *lost*.

I have felt closer to God now than ever before in my life.  And many people who say they are Christians act nothing like Jesus nor do they follow the Commandments much.

I certainly don’t see Jesus taking children from their mothers and those that claim to be Christians while doing this are not following Jesus’ message of doing unto others as one would have done to them.  It is reprehensible to take Native children away from their families.

I just wish, for one second, that the self-righteous would stop pushing their religion upon others that they have no clue about…spirituality is not something that can be taught…it is something that can only be felt when one connects with God.







Of Brains, Beauty And Suspicious Wives

Too bad she couldn’t have invented an instrument of peace…

City Jackdaw

I was reading a biography of Heddy Lamarr. For a while my wife, Jen, showed no interest. She thought it was a book about a man named Eddie.


Then she glimpsed the close-up of the face on the cover.

“Have you got that book to perv?”

“Of course not. I picked it up at the library. You know I like old movies, and I was intrigued that she was also an inventor.”

She picked the book up, immediately confronted by the title:

Heddy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman In Film.

“Hmmm . . .” 

She seemed prepared to give me the benefit of the doubt. But it seems the Fates were working against me.

She opened the book, and out of 281 pages, she happened on the very one that informed her that Lamarr acted out the first female orgasm on screen.

“She was a porn star?”

No, I explained…

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The Rapid steps up intimidation tactics against ATUGR members and supporters

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.37.27 AM

In late January we posted a story about the Day of Action organized by members of the local bus drivers union (ATUGR) and students from the GVSU chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). 

Those who participated in the Day of Action hung banners, passed out flyers on buses and engaged in a sit in during the monthly Rapid Board meeting. The Rapid decided to call the police and police told the sit in participants that if they didn’t leave they would be arrested. Everyone complied and left the Rapid Board meeting. End of story, or so it would seem.

The ATUGR and students with the GVSU chapter of USAS are now reporting that, “Grand Rapids police detectives went to the homes of students and workers, threatening them with charges of disturbing the peace for their participation in the January sit-in to protest the proposed fare increases, the termination…

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