Vaccine Gestapo in Hawaii

Like Indiana, Hawaii Big Pharma toady legislators are trying to ram through a bill to force vaccination not only on children, but adults.  Like Indiana, they are targeting healthcare workers to force them to get the flu shot, even though the flu shot has a 19% effectiveness rate.  That is, it is 81% INEFFECTIVE in preventing flu and is linked to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic illness.  My prior blog on that here.

My blog on the right to informed consent here

Here is a youtube on it:



And in case you need a refresher on how devastating vaccines can be, here is the Freedom Wall from the National Vaccine Information Center: 

Date Posted: Feb 24, 2016
I went to Broadway Elementary to apply for the first come first serve enrollment for the Spanish Immersion program. My application was complete but my MD medical vaccine waiver was NOT accepted. It was NOT read. It was NOT copied. It was literally IGNORED. I was handed a Personal Exemption Belief form and told to have my physician sign that and check the boxes of the vaccines. I was told someone came in last week with a similiar doctor note and they were turned away as well. I felt confused because I had followed the law. Later I called them about my confusion on the Personal Belief Exemption form and they admitted they were confused too after I left about it. They were very nice but didn’t seem to have an answer on enrolling me other than that form. They said return with that doctor signed and all would be fine. I called LAUSD nurse/exemption department and told they should not have handed me that form and she would call the school and tell them. She told me the waiver had to be worded just this way: LAUSD Reference Guide does NOT state this either. LAUSD nursing exemptions told me the doctor note had to state this: This child (fill in blank) has a medical condition of (fill in blank) that does not allow him to be vaccinated. He is exempt from: MMR, POLIO, VARICELLA, HEP B, HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE TYPE B (HIB MENINGITIS), DTaP, Tdap, DTP (nurse said DTP but think she meant DTaP) Duration – Permanent exemption (or temporary) I explained I have a medical exemption and it has that information as such on a medical doctor’s prescription: child’s name-is “filled in” medical condition-is- “personal and family history of immune disorders” vaccines exempt for: note states “all required school vaccines” and is dated 10/27/2015 so that means the vaccines required as of 10/27/15 duration-it says – “permanent” I told the exemption nurse on the phone and asked won’t that be fine? She just restated how the wording should be and did not acknowledge anything about my note. Next, the paralega at LAUSD called me back and sent me 21 pages of law pages about the subject and said she could not advise me. She did write down in details what happened to me that I told her earlier and she emailed that back to me and at the bottom she wrote that I needed a medical vaccine waiver. I began to feel like everyone was deaf to me telling them I had one! Even her retelling of my story stated that yet she wrote that at the bottom to me. Confusing. Anyway, I sent that information off to the Asst. Principal at the school and my story requested she accept my enrollment and she apologized and said she would look into it today and get back to me by the end of today. This program is first come, first serve so I am very anxious I will not get in in time and I have followed the law. They are not following the law. I hope they figure that out today. Help!
Date Posted: Feb 20, 2016
Our two oldest are partially vaccinated, and out two youngest have never been vaccinated. Our pediatrician didn’t agree with our decision, but was always very respectful, and we had a great relationship, and we trusted her with our children. The summer before the outbreak of measles, we were talking to her about possibly completing some vaccines for our two youngest. She abruptly retired, and I had to find a new pediatrician. She had treated all of children since birth. Many pediatrician’s refused to see us since we don’t vaccinate. Our current pediatrician has harassed me every time I come in. She tells me I should vaccinate, and when I tell her no, she tells me I should at least get the vaccine for meningitis since it’s deadly, and as a mother I wouldn’t want my children’s deaths on my conscience. I was asking her to sing the updated PBE for vaccines prior to the December 31st deadline for SB277 in CA, and she told me PBE’s are obsolete, and there was no reason for me to have her sign it. I had to explain the law to her. A few weeks ago, I brought my 14 year old son in for a physical to clear him to play high school sports. I left the room for his privacy, and before I did, I thought to tell him, “Remember no vaccines!” When they called me in she told me he seemed upset and almost frightened when she mentioned vaccines. She again gave me a lecture about meningitis, and then told me I should give him “the cancer vaccine”. I said “Do you mean Gardasil for HPV? She said yes, the cancer vaccine. I said no. She then told me that another patient who is a lawyer requested it for their child, because they have successfully tried cases where someone had HPV as a teen (like genital warts) and then had no symptoms, and years later did not disclose that they had had HPV/genital warts, and passed it on to their partner. She then said the lawsuits were successful, and as a mother I should protect my child from that. I feel that she deliberately attempts to scare me as a parent in an effort to coerce me to vaccinate my children. I need to find a new pediatrician, but it’s exhausting in the current climate, since many will not see my children, and we live an area with too few doctors for the population. My youngest has asthma, and so it’s important that he has routine care from the same doctor to manage his asthma.
Date Posted: Feb 19, 2016
I have just learned that the pediatrician office that my children have gone to for 16 years is refusing to keep us as patients because we do not get every state mandated vaccine in VA. Mind you, we get all but two of the current required shots but that isn’t good enough it seems. No medical choice allowed. Do everything we say or no medical AT ALL for you! We were given 30 days to be seen now that we were informed and then we are out. WOW. I am no stranger to vaccine harassment. I was a good and dutiful parent who presented her little babies for shots right on schedule without for a moment thinking there was any problem with vaccinations until my second daughter, a struggling pre-mature infant, had a terrible reaction to the DTaP. In fact, I didn’t even know there were people who didn’t vaccinate until I contacted my doctor to tell them what was happening to my little couple months old baby – first vomiting, followed by hours of staring listlessly in space, and going in and out of what seemed like a strange limp sleep. My very fussy baby who had to be held constantly didn’t even notice if I was there. And when I suggested to the doctor this was caused by the shot they just gave her you’d have thought I had two heads. This is when I became curious! As a graduate student in the sciences at this time I immediately set to work researching the issue (this was 1998) and found out her reaction was something that could come from the vaccine. I went back to the doctor and told them they were wrong and showed them the information. Only again to be refused. The irrationality was mind boggling. It was repeated to me that they had never heard of reactions to this new DTap. And so I pointed out if they a priori decide that anyone reporting a reaction is wrong they confirm their bias. Well, do I need to go on? This ended in me being dismissed as anti-vaccine and there I was not even knowing there was such a stance.
Date Posted: Feb 09, 2016
I have two separate stories. First one dealing with me when I received the gardasil shot. May 2008, my mom insisted that I get the gardasil shots. I got the first shot and I was okay. But the second shot, however I had a reaction from it. I went to go check out and all of a sudden the whole right side of my body went completely numb. The secretary rushed her chair around the counter and caught me just in time. I couldn’t even say my name. The EMS shows up and they asked my doctor if there’s any side effects to the shot and she said no! I looked at her like she was stupid, since I couldn’t say it. I went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with being afraid of needles (which I’m not). I switched doctors immediately after that. The second story has to deal with my daughter. Her first pediatrician was all about vaccines and I told her my concerns. She told me that if my daughter is that one percent that catches a disease because I didn’t get her vaccinated that’s going to be 100% to me. I hear way too many stories about children having reactions to vaccines that I didn’t want to vaccinate. So I had switch pediatricians. Also, since I didn’t get my daughter vaccinated, my fiance’s side of the family looks down on me and treats her like she’s a disease. She wasn’t even allowed to go to a birthday party because she wasn’t vaccinated. She was perfectly fine. She didn’t have a running nose, stuffy nose, no cough, nothing and they wouldn’t even let her inside the house. Now there’s another birthday party coming up on that side of the family and she’s not allowed to go to this one either!
Date Posted: Jan 31, 2016
My child had a severe reaction to the PCV vaccine when she was 3 months old. It was the only vaccine she received that day. She was lifeless but could open her eyes and had a high fever that broke 2x. Showed Nystagmus symptoms and developmentally stalled and regressed for months thereafter. I stopped vaccinating, breastfed and it went away. I went to a hospital referred mom’s support group where upon sharing my story, i was verbally attacked for being ‘socially irresponsible’ pitted against other moms by the facilitator who was a retired nurse from the referring hospital and it took me about a year and a half to emotionally get over being mentally, emotionally and verbally attacked by the group for my choices post-vaccinate reaction. This has to stop. My child had a vaccine reaction that could have left her physically incapacitated for the rest of her life had I been on the aggressive CDC schedule, done multiple vaccines that day, and/or continued vaccinating in spite of her reaction. Thank you for listening and all the hard work you do to inform the public.
Date Posted: Jan 22, 2016
I lost not one but 2 jobs at the hospital I have worked at for the last 19 years. The first job lost had direct patient care, and 3 years ago I lost it because I was denied an exemption to the flu shot. Our hospital,like many, implemented a new flu shot policy. The reason for this is because of health care reform’s new requirement that hospitals have 90% compliance to the flu shot or they will not get full reimbursements of their medicare and medicaid. I have held a religious belief against vaccination use, and have never had any vaccines in the whole 19 years that I have been working here. I had 3 weeks to apply for other jobs, and had only 1 offer working in a place that I make $20,000 less per year. I took the job to keep my foot in the door, and filed an EEOC discrimination complaint. I have been applying for many other jobs over the last few years, and then 1.5 years ago I obtained a job that was in the employee education dept. No patient contact at all, but a week after starting they declared that the dept needed to obtain their annual flu shots. I refiled an exemption and was denied again. I went back to the job where I made less money and filed a 2nd discrimination complaint. My cases have been in the investigation stage for awhile now, and I am hoping to have them wrapped up by april of this year….. Some things to note, The hospital allows for religious and medical exemptions for the flu shot, but do not grant them easily. I know of No religious exemptions granted, and they have given people a hard time over the medical ones. I have been outspoken about the fact that visitors come in and out of our hospital all day long and there is no screening them over whether they have the flu shot. To say that unvaccinated employees are giving pts the flu when there are unvaccinated visitors all over the place is ridiculous. Employees that opt to get the “nasal flu spray” are getting a live flu and should not be around immunocompromised individuals for up to 2 weeks afterwards. However, no employees are instructed to wear a mask or protect patients from their exposure. I have been treated terribly for my decision to not get the flu shot, and have even been told that I am putting my coworkers at risk, however because of our location we deal with alot of anabaptist patients, and we accomodate their religious medical practices with great pleasure and pride. Our employees are not treated the same. In the last 3 years, I have seen numberous vaccinated employees get the flu sometimes twice in a season. I have been coughed on, sneezed on and been exposed to active flu, yet I have not contracted it. Even though I don’t get vaccinated for the flu, I have never had the flu in the 25 plus years of working in healthcare. My advice for those that are filing exemptions, file EEOC complaints in your states. Be vocal to your legislature. Keep fighting, vocalizing, and refusing….. It is catching on. Don’t give up.
Date Posted: Jan 22, 2016
10 days after the MMR, my 5-year-old son woke with garbled speech. I thought he had a stroke. After seeing various doctors & ruling out everything else over the course of 4 months, it was clear that this was a result of that MMR. Vaccine injury. Our pediatrician continued to ask if we were continuing with vaccination during this time. We did no more and once we confirmed we would not in the future, he said he could no longer treat my children. He said it was the policy of his practice that all patients would be vaccinated. He said earlier that this could be a result of the MMR but it was unlikely. He had no treatment advice for my son other than sending him to other doctors and telling me he was probably speaking in this garbled manner on purpose. What kind of doctor refuses to help you? Forces you to continue to give your child what hurt him? Not one medication in existence is safe for every individual. Why would a vaccine be any different?


Date Posted: Jan 21, 2016
I was called by phone right before thanksgiving and told the vaccination exemption was no longer allowed by Greenville Health System for contracted company employees. I was given the choice to receive the flu vaccine or be put on leave until the flu season was over. I chose to be put on leave. I was then asked if I could work during the flu season for the next week to cover my patient caseload. When I called in March to see when I could return I was told there was an over staffing situation and I would not be brought back. Thank you for your 9 years of service but you are terminated. The employer I was working for at the time was Proaxis Therapy who was a contractor for Greenville Health System. Who wants to work for someone like that?
Date Posted: Jan 21, 2016
I am 64 years old and I was fired from the hospital I worked at for refusing a recently imposed mandatory flu vaccine. We were harassed for weeks and threatened daily. Our names were published on bulletin boards and then we were terminated. I worked in the warehouse and had little if any contact with patients. Masks were not an option. I have been refused unemployment by a judge stating my choice my consequence. Refusing vaccines of any sort has been a long time stance on my part.The hospital and the judge totally ignored all laws put forth by the Constitution,ADA and ACLU that clearly state this is all illegal.How can you possibly fight this vaccine issue when laws are totally disregarded?


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