Dr. Sheri Tenpenny on Iodine and Breast Health

I think this is a very important video for many reasons — the impact on iodine on overall health as well as breast health; the impact of selenium on the thyroid, especially Hashimoto’s; heavy metal toxicity and thyroid; and the dry-eye “syndrome”.  I think about those Big Pharma commercials where they have a sell-out medical doctor describing a syndrome of dry eye as if it were a disease in itself instead of a symptom….of low thyroid.  But they don’t say that in the commercial, do they?  Disgusting, isn’t it??



I have to admit it tickled me when she briefly states that the Osteopaths believe the body can heal itself if given what it needs to perform the miracle of healing.  My dad was an Osteopath.  Kudos to the Osteopaths whom have remained true to their professional code.




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