The Rise and Fall of the Red Delicious apple

Now we understand why Red Delicious apples taste like cardboard…in a stupid, shortsighted goal of making the “perfect” looking apple, the taste, nutrition and God only knows what health benefits have been engineered out.

They wanted to make the apples last longer in storage.  That, to me, says that they engineered the enzymes out of the apple, because enzymes are basically what make food spoil.  BUT — and this is important — enzymes are needed by the body in order to digest and use the vitamins and nutrients of the food.  They also give us energy — think about that when you feel like lead after a meal that consists of processed food without enzymes…

As I was reading this report, I thought of my Dad, whom ate an apple every day.  I’ve continued that tradition, but eating organic Gala apples.  The problem is that the information on their nutrient content versus hybridized (or worse — Genetically Modified apples) is not readily available.  At least, it wasn’t while doing a quick search–and that’s probably on purpose as Monsanto, Syngenta, and other mega corporations that keep telling us that there is no difference between GMO food and heirloom food…don’t want that information readily available.





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