Communications 101: Class 5

I’m  listening to the Weather Channel.  The program is describing Detroit and the deteriorating buildings.

My Communications ear perked up with the words being used by the narrator (who incidentally sounds like a popular fast food place’s spokesperson).

He describes the growing vegetation as a “war” with the building “battling” the trees which are “forcing” their way through, to “destroy” the buildings that formerly housed Packard Car company.

Water’s multi-pronged “attack”.

“Nature has reduced this factory to rubble.”

The terms were constantly using words of war, battle, nature’s destruction, relentless power…and the narrative clearly was trying to portray nature and trees as destructive forces at war with…man.  Yep.

Instead of seeing this as a positive, it was clearly using terminology to influence the viewer to have a negative perception of nature.

I see it as a positive force.  Nature takes back the decaying rubble, and it gives us: trees that provide oxygen while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; trees that provide shelter for birds; vegetation that provides food to humans and animals.  It’s the life-death-life cycle.  Nature was here first, then they built the factories, then nature comes back to reclaim and rebuild what humans have destroyed.

Instead of seeing this as a negative, it should be celebrated that new life has sprung out of death and decay.



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