USDA rejects grass-fed standard

Story here.

The American public has spoken for these standards….you know, those people Congress members like to say they’re representing? /snark

In the Federal Register notice, AMS states that having a strong, clear, consumer-friendly labeling standard “does not facilitate the marketing of agricultural products in a manner that is useful to stakeholders or consumers” because a different USDA agency, the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), must approve meat labels and “there is no guarantee that an USDA-verified production/marketing claim will be approved by FSIS.”

Why is another agency approving meat labels?  Can you say bureaucracy?  I knew that you could.  Wow, talk about passing the buck…

Okay…since the USDA is washing its hands of doing anything to guarantee consumers the right to know how their food is raised, it is up to farmers to create their own system.  Family farmers, that is, because we all know where this is going for the abusive factory farms…


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