The media….what else?

So I’m watching the Travel channel, and they have Mysteries at the museum with a feature of an Indian religious leader trying to take over the town of Antelope, Oregon, renaming Rajneesh (sp).

They state that things became contentious between the religious leader and his followers and the white folks living there.  People who ate at public restaurants were sickened with salmonella poisoning.  It was at first thought to be from the restaurants’ hygiene practices, but later the religious leader comes out and states that a woman who was part of his leadership was responsible for growing the salmonella and placing it in the salad bars of these establishments.

She goes to jail for four years and the religious leader is deported.  Something strikes me odd about the whole thing — why was he allowed to leave the country?  Why wasn’t he required to serve jail time?  Did he sell her out (because she was aggressive and in people’s face– so she was not well liked?)  I mean, he was right there dictating his minions’ actions — why wasn’t he jailed, too?

And, as I’m watching this, the narrator states that “to this day, this case of bioterrorism is the most extreme case…”  (paraphrasing).

The bioterrorism used on the Native Americans flashed in my mind.  Putting smallpox into blankets and handing them out caused millions of Natives to lose their lives.  The Antelope case resulted in 700 illnesses, but no deaths.

Yeah, I would say the narrator greatly exaggerated this act of bioterrorism…and I don’t expect any time soon that they will feature the smallpox bioterrorism and near genocide.

Knowing what I know about environmentalists being targeted as bioterrorists by DHS…and the hysteria now over Zika virus when there has not been a definitive link between Zika and small head syndrome…red flags are going up all over the place.    Using the media for propaganda — something is in the works.


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