American College of Pediatricians warn of HPV vaccine

They have issued a press release admitting to harm done by vaccination.  (hat tip Vaccine Impact News).

I don’t believe for a second that it is a “rare” occurrence.  When you consider that physicians routinely deny adverse reactions to vaccines, I am sure that it is not as rare as is reported.  I am more convinced that my daughters’ pneumonia and pneumonitis were vaccine adverse reactions that were not recognized by their pediatrician.  And he was a pretty good doctor.

So I’m sure that the parents reporting adverse reactions are told the same tired old “it must be in your head” when in fact they are recognizing harm done to their children.

Please print this press release out and take it with you if your doctor insists that your child *must have* vaccinations and that you’re hurting the community if you don’t vaccinate.  He/She will have a hard time denying vaccination harm if you have the proof right with you.

Be well, my friends.




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