Viruses are Not Inherently Bad

Marco also has a previous post on how Zika virus was SUSPECTED of being connected with babies born with small heads…and the mass media hysterical machine went into action by claiming that it was DEFINITELY the cause and that this virus is something to be terrified of…
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One of the problems with the current and evolving discussion within the media about the Zika virus (… Have you seen all those cockeyed headlines?) is the assumption that the virus is dangerous and we should all be worried about its spread. This is similar to what has occurred with the polio virus, when the fact is that the vast portion of the people who have either of these viruses exhibit no symptoms or have very mild symptoms.

In the case of polio, 95% of the people who have the polio virus show no symptoms at all. They just go about their lives as if nothing. In other words, it is harmless. According to the CDC, “Less than 1% of polio cases result in paralysis… ” And yet, the virus has been made out to be a monster which we must attack and destroy. “Oh dear God, we need drugs…

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