An Epidemic of suicides/homicides and anti-depressants

Ireland is currently in the midst of an unprecedented suicide/homicide epidemic. Parents are uncharacteristically killing their children; husbands are killing their wives; brothers are killing their brothers; mothers are killing themselves and their babies, all at an alarming rate.

This quote from this post.

What seems shocking, to me at least, is that all of these cases involved knifes. Another common denominator in every one of these cases, is that the perpetrators were receiving recent ‘care’ from irish psychiatric services. By its very nature, particularly in Ireland, the ‘care’ provided involved psychiatric drugs. That these drugs double the risk of suicide and violence, can lead to mania, psychosis, worsening depression and akathisia, is almost always overlooked.

….overlooked because Big Pharma has them convinced that popping  a pill is the cure.  I mean, why let a little thing like devastating effects deter ignorant, lazy doctors from prescribing these powerful drugs?

It is sooo much easier to look the other way…especially if a doctor is invested in Big Pharma and stands to gain $$ from these horrible drugs.

…but you won’t hear that from the Big Pharma sponsored media.

People are dying.  And they’re looking the other way while they pick up their million dollar salaries.

When Anna Byrne, a woman heavily pregnant with twins, jumped off Howth Head killing herself and her two unborn boys, the fact that her medication had been recently changed wasn’t seen as a mitigating factor. Despite this report in the Irish Independent that Anna was deemed to be “low risk given that she did not indicate that she was suicidal and had made future plans”, her psychiatrist doubled her dose of Sertraline (aka Zoloft and Lustral), a few days before she jumped to her death.

Given that these are Irish, there is a good chance that the depression may be caused by toxicity.  Irish are known to be lacking the gene that helps rid the body of heavy metals.  Heavy metal toxicity causes anxiety and depression.

That is in combination with the tendency towards Celiac disease….and all the issues associated with it – such as leaky gut, seizures, and in extreme cases, schizophrenia.  Anne may have been suffering neurological issues due to the stress on her gut–resulting in serious inflammation.  This is especially true if she were eating a diet full of wheat and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

And I can bet my last dollar that the doctor never looked at diet before prescribing these horrible drugs.    Diet has been shown to be extremely important to resolve issues that appear to be mental issues which are in fact physical issues manifesting as neurological.

You might recall the book Potatoes Not Prozac, by Kathleen Desmaisons, where she was able to help alcoholics conquer the addiction by changing their diet.  She had counseled alcoholics but she had a group that really wanted to quit, but just couldn’t seem to beat it.  She began to inquire on diet, and realized that they reacted strongly to sugar spikes.  That is, if they saw a plateful of cookies out of the oven, they would want to eat all of them.

She developed a low-glycemic diet for them to follow, which allowed them to overcome the addiction.

I have to say from my own perspective, I think candida is a factor in this, since candida overgrowth will make one crave sweets.

The coffee enemas and fasting have been reported to also help with addictions, as well as detox the liver.  I remember on one site, a gal who had given up cigarettes some years before, suddenly began tasting cigarettes (nicotine) after beginning the detox.  Interesting, eh?

Another tie-in to diet is from my personal experience with eating high-sulfur foods when I was really toxic.  I could eat a cup of green beans and be depressed within a couple of hours.  Amazing, isn’t it?


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