Stories from the Grocery Store

What a powerful post! As I’ve stated on my own blog, Indiana has adopted draconian measures such as docking food stamps for every $100 one earns…thereby keeping people in perpetual poverty.
And thank you, Carol, for the excellent excerpts of Obama care that will take away ALL assets of anyone asking for assistance. So the antidote to this is to grow as much of your own food, with heirloom seeds, that you can. Food is medicine and organic food is the means to obtain health. Then you won’t need Obama care. 🙂

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Going to the grocery store is not my favorite chore. In truth, I typically avoid it as long as possible. It sometimes feels as if I’m entering the twilight zone or the aftermath of a zombie invasion. I encounter people blocking the aisles as they talk or text on cell phones or, as if in a daze, stare glazed-eyed at the colorful shelves stocked with chemical fare or off into space. They move at such an unbelievably slow pace, seemingly oblivious to everyone else. It feels like I’m in a different dimension, moving at a different speed.

grocery store 1280px-Fredmeyer

Photo: Super Grocery – “Fredmeyer” by lyzadanger – Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons

I repeat an inner mantra. “Be patient, be kind.” But I try to zip thought this task and escape as quickly as I can.

These days, the major impetus for facing this…

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