And They Say I Am Changing The World

There’s just something about this that bugs me…there is still an air of privilege. It reminds me of the song they keep playing at Christmastime with the words “well, tonight, thank God it’s them instead of you…” Do you have any idea how smug and self-important that makes one? And how that feels to the poor…who do not “deserve” to be in their positions any more than the rich “deserve” to be in theirs?? What did he do to help the homeless woman, instead of pitying her? Why not see about sustainable housing like Earthships for her so she won’t be homeless?

Just A Crazy Dreamer

On the way to visit one of my schools, As I sat back on my rickshaw enjoying the wind playing with my hair; The man pulling me towards my destination wiped the sweat off his brows.. And they say, I am changing the world.

Looking the other way, As I yet again walked past the homeless lady that they all claim to be mad;  A CNG driver stopped and offered her apples that he had exclusively bought for her. And they say, I am changing the world;

After clearing the coveted IIT examination, As I went to buy sweets to celebrate; The sales boy, the same age as myself, while handing me the sweets congratulated me on my achievement. I walked out of the shop with the sweets in one hand and the realization of my privilege in the other.. And they say, I am changing the world.

Travelling through the…

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