PayPal shuts down fund account for Memory Hole Blog

This is outrageous. They shut down his account without having to give any reasons at all, except for the vague “nature of your activities…”  un – freaking-believable.

As the phone conversation goes on you can hear the operator grow increasingly flustered.  She’s apparently used to people being intimidated into backing down.  I have to applaud Tracy for remaining calm and collected and asking for a person to talk to and hold responsible for his account being frozen.  I mean, the audacity of them just cutting off the funds like that — it’s not their money!

Please, please, keep this in mind with the push towards electronic banking!  This is what will happen to us if cash disappears — our funds will be in electronic accounts far away from us — not ready at hand — and some arsehole will decide that you have “violated their terms of service” or the “nature of your activities” will be all they need to say to close your account and withhold whatever amount is in there.

And basically steal your money while making it look legitimate.

I’ve personally had one bad experience with PayPal not releasing funds when requested and then I could not get a human being to answer the freaking phone.  I have a donate button…not that it has done me any good…but I am removing it as soon as I post this.




One thought on “PayPal shuts down fund account for Memory Hole Blog

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