The life of Adam: a look at Sandy Hoax

My emotions run the full gamut when listening to this podcast.  Anger at being betrayed, because I can tell you when I heard the news of the *cough* shooting over the radio, I was in tears.  And then there’s the confusion and feeling lost at what is happening.

Why are authorities withholding photos of Adam Lanza’s autopsy?  Why are they withholding other information that would shed light on what happened? Or should I say…didn’t happen?  It only makes them look guilty of corruption and fraud (people putting up websites to get donations for perpetuating a fraud).

This podcast covers so many topics, such as the false flag shootings in Paris, San Bernardino among others.  But the one that will make you sit up and take notice is Castro.

They say that Castro is a U.S. agent.  And the Bay of Pigs fiasco was questionable…because why would we be after a place that had Guantanamo? As Tracy states — it confused me, too that we could be enemies of Castro…and yet we had a military base on Cuban land!

I don’t know about Castro being a U.S. Agent…why would we have made such harsh economic sanctions and cut off all access to Cuba?  That doesn’t make sense.  Since the U.S. has historically made economic sanctions part of punishment for not falling in line…that does make sense.  So if they were punishing him, it doesn’t make sense that he was an agent.


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