Man Boobs or Moobs, and the causes

Here’s a pretty good article on the toxic environmental causes of man boobs.  I rather doubt that a calcified physician is going to tell his/her male patients that the very drugs the doc is giving them will cause this (or if they do, they will likely dismiss this side effect as being *necessary* so that the drug can *fix* the patient.  Pfft.

Neither will the calcified medical professional tell his/her patient that environmental toxins from their cookware to detergents are also causing moobs.

They’d much rather make some more moula doing surgery or having the patient return for umpteen medical appointments to *get to the reason* for the gynecomastia.   Or worse, the physician has invested in the stock of the pharma drug he/she is prescribing for the gynecomastia.

And I’m willing to bet that somewhere along the line, the calcified professional will hint that the man has some psychological issue resulting in the growth of breasts.  I can’t say that I have actual knowledge of this…just a hunch.  And if so, I would not be surprised to learn the physician has invested in psych drugs.

Seriously, I think every patient needs to not only do their own homework before ever entering a physician’s office, but come with a warrior attitude and ask questions of how much  a doc has invested in pharmaceuticals or how much they know of environmental toxins.  The answers will tell you what you need to know about the physician’s true interests — is it in making bucks and going along with Big Pharma; or is it a true healing physician?

And ladies, don’t think that this only applies to men.  Everything that affects hormones affects both sexes in different…but significant ways.

Be well, my friends.




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