Whitesboro, New York

So, there’s a town with an emblem that looks to some of us as an aggressive action of a white guy towards a Native American.  They say in this article that it’s not what it appears, yada, yada, yada.

When I was viewing it this morning, I wondered if people would be so complacent if it were a black man?  Given the history of aggression towards the Native Americans, it comes across as a symbol of victory for the White Europeans.  Just my take.

I asked a young Native American if it bothered her.  She said it didn’t bother her as much as the commercialization of Native Americans.  She specifically mentioned the dreamcatchers now available in WalFart and Penneys, and so forth.  She feels that her culture is being taken away from them.  That it is disappearing.  I agree.

Commercialization is all about making a profit.  It is not about spirituality.  It diminishes the significance of the culture.  It is a subtle reduction of powerful connectedness.



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