40,000 people got polio from the vaccine

Yep. Bet you won’t hear this by the Big Pharma controlled mass media.  They’re much too busy reporting on who wore what dress or the latest drama in *reality* TV…blech.

 The Cutter-produced vaccines ended up causing 40,000 cases of polio. It severely paralyzed 200 children and killed 10.8

It is alarming, however, that this is taken from a book by Paul prOffit, the Big Pharma propagandist who is making millions with his retrovirus vaccine that is making people ill.

Not having read the book, I can only surmise what Offitt says, and most likely twists this around to say vaccines are needed…completely twisting the clear indication that vaccination caused great harm and even death.

… in the previous year (1955) many responsible persons had felt that the public should be spared the ordeal of ‘knowledge about controversy.’ If word ever got out that the Public Health Service had actually done something damaging to the health of the American people, the consequences would b terrible… We felt that no lasting good could come to science or the public if the Public Health Services were discredited.”9

This should alarm everyone at keeping them in the dark about illness and death caused by vaccines.   It takes away a person’s autonomy — to be given the information and decide for themselves whether they want to take the risk.

I saw this with the state Health Dept. I worked for — they are still behaving with a paternalistic pattern.  One example is DEET.  When I was there, they were heavy handed with sounding the alarm on West Nile Virus and pushing people to slather themselves with DEET.  At the same time, I came across an article on how DEET was linked to seizures.  I asked the director of the local health dept., and he said that there was some risk.  I asked about citronella being as effective as DEET.  He said that it was, but one had to apply it every thirty minutes.  So they decided for the public — without their consent.  This bothered me a great deal–another reason for leaving.

And as a side note~ I took what he said at face value without asking what his reference was for applying the citronella (or lemon balm, or any number of natural methods of mosquito repellent).  I actually don’t know if one has to apply it every 30 minutes — I sat out on my patio with three citronella candles burning and was never bothered by mosquitoes.

Polio is the one vaccine I was given…and I’ll always wonder at how it has affected me now…and my children, as well.  I have made the observation that my children’s generation have feminizing characteristics of the men and that legs are shorter than previous generations.  Plus we know that the generations after the Boomers are not as robust.  Why?

Vaccines and chemicals and toxic environment….just my take.





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