Moving radioactive waste

The problem with this story is this sentence:

Since then, cleanup crews have returned to his property about eight times and recovered about 50 pounds of the material.

The reader is lulled into believing that the waste has been taken away and the fear of nuclear waste is…gone.  Tra-la-la…

Only it isn’t.

Now it’s been moved to another area (probably a poor/minority neighborhood) to be forgotten.  Out of sight, out of mind.

We’ve been under this delusion that either we can move radioactive/hazardous material away from us, over *here* to someone else over *there* (who doesn’t have the resources to fight it.

And like the Kalamazoo spill, the people affected by it “just moved to another location”…and there was yet another oil pipeline close by.

Can we admit to ourselves that there really is no safe solution to nuclear or hazardous waste?  That we have been far too willing to believe that nonsense because it was conveeeenient?  That there are less and less spaces without contamination?



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