Dr. Brownstein answers pro-vaccine propagandist

Here is an excellent piece on the propaganda being spewed by Big Pharma.  It clearly shows that medical professionals strongly disagree with the blatant misinformation being spread by those who should know better.

Touche on this paragraph:

Brownstein: As far as I know, tetanus is not a communicable disease.  Therefore, I am not sure why Dr. Lipson is arguing this point.  How much tetanus do we see?  According to the CDC, from 2001-2008, there were 233 cases of tetanus out of 322 million people.  The annual incidence is 0.1 per 1,000,000 population.  During this time period, among 92 subjects, out of the 233 reported cases where the vaccination status was available, 60% were vaccinated.  In other words, the majority who got tetanus were vaccinated.  Do we need to give routine tetanus shots to 322 million people to prevent about 30 cases of tetanus per year?  Will that work?  Those are questions that need to be answered.  Moreover, the Td vaccine (Tetanus vaccine in multi dose vials) still contains mercury.  Dr. Lipson is fine injecting mercury into people, but I am not.   

Good on Dr. Brownstein for calling them on the blatant lie that vaccines are not very profitable.  Indeed, Big Pharma would not be paying doctors to lie about vaccines if they were not making big bucks — BILLIONS for them.

Dr. Lipson:

The “toxin” gambit uses scary words out of their scientific context. Aluminum is used in some vaccines in order to help create a stronger immune reaction.

As Brownstein states: A neurotoxin is a neurotoxin is a neurotoxin.  Alzheimers is linked with aluminum.  And Lipson is not being completely honest about why aluminum is needed:  your body will not react to the vaccine if it does not have either the aluminum or mercury in it.  Which raises all kinds of questions about the vaccine’s true efficacy.  If the body were creating immunity from the vaccine…why would it not create it without the aluminum or mercury…?  If the body is reacting to the aluminum, then it is not reacting to the disease, is it?

You might recall Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ talk on aluminum and vaccines that I blogged about here.


Thimerosal in vaccines has been found in study after study to be harmless. No “neurotoxins” are injected into our children as part of the vaccination process.

The above statement is such an unconscionable lie.  It shows Lipson’s true character…or lack thereof.

Thimerosal is mercury. As Brownstein states — mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to humankind.  It CANNOT be shown to be harmless because of that fact alone.

Dr. Brownstein:

Thimerosal has also been found to be associated with cellular toxicity in studies of both human nerve and skin cells.  (Toxicol. Sci.  2003. Aut;74(2):361-8).  This study found Thimerosal induced DNA breaks, membrane damage and cell death in doses the most American children received before it was removed from many childhood vaccines.

It’s not only vaccines…but since the Chemical Age, I have seen our health decline with each generation.  As I blogged about in the past, the Boomers are actually more resilient than the generation that came after us.  And each succeeding generation loses ground in health and robustness.

Again, I have to make the observation that I and most Boomers did not receive vaccines, except for Polio.  I had chickenpox at six months’ of age…by Big Pharma propaganda, I should have succumbed.  But through my mother’s immunity, I survived.  I also had measles, mumps, and rubella and survived and thrived…until mercury dental amalgams were placed…


For example, in the same time period cited by Brownstein, lead exposure in kids decreased dramatically, mostly due to the elimination of leaded gasoline. So was lead exposure protecting our kids from learning disabilities and autism?

People can be exposed to lead through paint chips, lead pipes, and coal dust/ash.  Even a small amount can cause a decline in health/neurological abilities.

And no, being a parent was not “terrifying” prior to the 50s.  Once hygiene and diet were improved, deaths from diseases were going down, not up.  They were going down BEFORE vaccinations started.

And here’s a replay of a good video on just how un-terrified parents were in the 50s and 60s:


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