Shell’s Kitimat LNG proposal is first to get key permit

100,000 new jobs??! Really? Even if I believed that inflated number…which I don’t…what good are jobs when the air is polluted so that you have rampant asthma/lung disorders; with the land polluted so that you cannot grow healthy food; with the water polluted so that your health declines to the point you cannot work? Does this make sense to anyone? Not I.

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lng-canada-kitimat-project This rendering of the proposed project shows two of the LNG trains. (LNG Canada/flickr)

Joint venture is made up of Shell Canada, affiliates of PetroChina, Korea Gas and Mistubishi

By Laura Kane, The Canadian Press, Jan 6, 2016

A joint venture company led by Shell has obtained the first permit to build a liquefied natural gas export facility in northern British Columbia, but the company has yet to make a final commitment to go ahead with the project.

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