Saskatchewan conservation officers confiscate moose meat harvested by First Nation hunters

Does anybody else get the irony of landowners claiming the indigenous are trespassing….? Let that sink in a moment…
Not to mention the conservation officers/gov’t. officials who fail to recognize that the indigenous were caretakers of these lands (including the United States) for over 10,000 years before the European invasion and they managed it quite well…?
As a side note — I agree that eating the traditional diet would be helpful towards diabetes epidemic, but cutting out gluten and processed food would go a long way towards taming the diabetes. And fasting, too — see former post on fasting curing diabetes. Be well, my friends.

Warrior Publications

APTN National News, January 6, 2016
Indigenous hunters say they are being harassed and bullied by Saskatchewan authorities who don’t understand their treaty right to provide food for their families.
The chief of Pine Creek First Nation said Wednesday that conservation officers raided two homes last month and confiscated moose meat harvested from Pine Creek’s traditional territory, which crosses the Manitoba-Saskatchewan boundary.

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