After 20 Years: The Disastrous Impact of Welfare Reform

What an excellent blog by Jan Resseger. We’re being lied to of a false economic recovery…and I think part of the reason is to deny there are poor people in need or to claim that they are just being lazy in this *booming economy* so that they can deny them food stamps and other help. What an utter disaster Bill Clinton foisted upon the poor.
In Indiana, if someone on food stamps earns more than $100, the state will start taking away food stamp dollars….while they give Bankers and Corporations millions of dollars in tax breaks…


A couple of months ago, speaking to a large, diverse audience in Cleveland, Ohio, Jonathan Kozol joked that as a Jew, when he has the opportunity to address church audiences, he takes great pleasure in reminding Christians about the meaning of the words of Jesus.  On a hot summer night in 1999, when Kozol presented the keynote at a United Church of Christ General Synod—taking his text from John,  21: 15-17—here is what he preached: “When Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘If you love me, feed my sheep,’ he didn’t say, ‘only the sheep who dwell in the green pastures.’  He didn’t say, ‘only the sheep whose mothers please us by acceptable behavior.’ He didn’t say, ‘only the sheep whose fathers have good jobs and mothers come to PTA.’  He didn’t say, ‘only the sheep whose parents make smart choices.’  He didn’t say, ‘only the sheep who have two…

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