Cliven Bundy; Militia in Oregon

I have my suspicions about the Bundy ranchers claiming they are the victims of government persecution….because they don’t want to pay taxes.

I became even more doubtful when I viewed a video of the standoff between “authorities” and the “angry mobs”….I got that “false flag” feeling that these were actors playing roles.  One thing that stood out was the “officers” were supposedly tasing these people…and yet no one was affected.  Let me tell you, those tasers will drop you *like that*.  I heard the electrical impulse several times during the few minutes of viewing…and nobody dropped or even looked like they had received a jolt.

But here is a really, really good video on what is going on behind the drama with all the historical relevance to put it in perspective:

So when they say “Liberty”…they mean “liberty for me, not for thee”…

Yeah, let’s go back to what we escaped from in Britain…NOT.




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