Finding my lost sense of humor..

…is an unexpected benefit to fasting.  Yep.

So, this is another boring post on my adventure in recovering from heavy metal poisoning; being poisoned by Big Pharma via Synarel, and just life in general….so if you’re not so inclined, you’ll probably want to skip this post.

So…it’s been about six weeks since beginning 24-hour fasting….and I cannot say enough about it!  I feel so good while fasting that it is nothing short of a miracle.  I feel like my old self.  I have even cracked a few jokes here and there while fasting.  I was known for my wit and it was one of the things that comforted me when life threw me some curve balls.

But with mercury poisoning, it closed down the creative part of my brain.  I lost that treasure of wit and making jokes at the silly things in life….just when I needed it the most.  As hard as I tried, I could not muster up that *spark* that creativity comes from…

I don’t know what it is about the fasting, (and the coffee enemas) but it is helping me a great deal if I can feel like my pre-mercury self.  What a miracle.  Truly. 🙂

And the coffee enemas have stopped two migraines so far…keeping fingers crossed…

I feel blessed.




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