Gulf War Syndrome and its relation to today’s forced vaccination push

In relation to yesterday’s blog on giving us poison to keep us from getting sick…


Okay, this is not a happy post, and it’s pretty hurtful to the soul.  However, I really think that what George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney have done during their reign of terror (now there’s mindplay for ya) is horribly impacting us today.  And they’re just the players that we know of — those pulling the strings behind the scenes are even more dark, if that is possible.

And these links and posts are confirming the use of vaccines as a way to destroy immune systems…and ultimately, destroy men, women, and children.

First, I’ll start with the quacks calling “Gulf War Syndrome” a disease concocted by quacks.

A guy calling himself “Dr.” Stephen Barrett, who runs the website “quackwatch” is himself an unlicensed psychiatrist. Imagine that!  I am familiar with this creep because he has also done the dental and mercury industry’s bidding by calling…

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