John Trudell walks on

John Trudell, a warrior for the Native Americans, and leading force behind the American Indian Movement (AIM), has walked on.

For those who are unaware of the history — the American Indians rose up in the 70s after what can be described as a spiritual reawakening of their heritage….and their right to live their lives according to their beliefs.

The previous video I posted on the Dineh and Hopi struggles in the 70s could be told of any of the Indian tribes that somehow survived the smallpox epidemic brought about by soldiers who gave smallpox infected blankets to the Indians.  Since their mothers had not been exposed to the disease, their immune systems had not developed resistance.  But some of them still managed to survive, which flies in the face of the vaccine hysteria now being pushed by the media.  Somehow, people still manage to survive illnesses when they have no known immune resistance.

(I find it highly ironic that bioterrorism was used on the Indians through giving them a disease and now they want to inflict seizures and other illnesses upon people via vaccines.  But I digress..)

John Trudell was a powerful force and he was considered a threat.  When he was in Washington, protesting the poverty, the exposure to uranium, and other treatment of the Indians, his wife and three children and mother in law were killed in a fire that was set.

Rest in a well deserved Peace, John.



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