Native American Prophecy

I found this very deep and I agree with almost everything they say — with the exception that he states the corporations will be the ones to right the wrongs.  The corporations have been the power behind destroying the earth and the ancient wisdom…they are being run by psychopaths who are so disconnected that they don’t even see that it comes back around to them.
As the elder asks the corporate executive:  when does he start being a grandfather…?

The elder answered his own question about the CEO being the change agent –because the elder goes on to say that another year would pass, and nothing would have changed.  It’s not going to come from corporations.  It comes from each person realizing that change starts with them and their willingness to not contribute to polluting the earth and realizing the spiritual connection.  When the elder Shenandoah speaks of the Peacemaker, I believe she is referring to Jesus.



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