More crisis actors – Paris, Colorado

This is so unreal.  These people have no ethics or morals.

Peekay22 has the best example of an actress’ bio:


The following video shows a crisis actor that can’t even keep a straight face — it’s hilarious to supposedly get shot and see others shot — it’s just a real hoot. /snark


And Redsilver J has this up — Nazi Germany, folks.  And if Nazi Germany sounds too far away, then you might want to check into the history of Wounded Knee.  The Native Americans were told if they gave up their guns, the government would protect them.  Instead, they shot and killed 300 men, women, and children…unarmed.

And in the next two videos, I think I’ve found my own crisis actor.  Look at the “brother” of the fake gunman in the first video, and the zombie witness in the 2nd video at 4:28.




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