Colorado Shooting Hoax

Yes, my friends, yet another “shooting” has taken place.  Did people actually die?  I don’t know.  That is just one of the disturbing aspects of this — we don’t really know if people died  — or WHO shot them.

Certain aspects of these shootings keep repeating and you just can’t ignore that, even if you have doubts about it.  If nothing else, the commentators below are cheap entertainment.

I’ll start with the dummy rescued, first:


…anybody remember the scene from “Backdraft” where the fireman rescues a dummy?

You might recall RedSilver’s video on the fake North Carolina shootings…he’s back with his take on Colorado fake crisis actor:

This video has screen shots that show a different picture than what is being written and spoken about on the nooz stations/twitter.

What bothers me about this is when I’m watching the nooz last night, the so-called assailant looks like he’s been drugged.  And again with the description of a “loner”.  I would say he’s more vulnerable because he is alone.  For all we know, his trailer was surrounded  by the operatives and he was drugged into oblivion (think MK Ultra) and blanked out.  The next thing he knows, he is under arrest, but doesn’t recall anything.

Pay close attention at 11:00, where he shows how access to the situation is controlled by blocking off intersections far away from the scene.  As the vlogger states, this is to keep people from taking pictures of the scene that might expose it for what it is —


I almost didn’t put the video above on here because of the slam against Obama as being in charge of it all.  You can’t have it both ways — either there is a group of renegades in the police, fire, etc., or there isn’t.  Obama is not some king in control of it all.  Like I said before, this was in the works, from my perspective at the Indiana Dept of Health, in 2004 — that would be George W. Bush, folks!!

And while I’m speaking of that — you have to keep in mind that there are some good folks who are not in on this.  When I was at ISDH, I met some good folks there (medical professionals) — the epidemiologist I worked with was very intelligent and very committed.  She had also sensed something was not right, but like me, wasn’t sure exactly what was going on.  It was that gut instinct that something wasn’t right.

I think, as someone else stated,  that everything is compartmentalized so that nobody knows everything going on, and it is more difficult to put everything together.  If you’re like me, you’re just now putting a lot of this together.

With that said, there are those who DO know what is going on and are actively participating.  I have no words for them.

As I’m viewing all of this, I have noticed that the “reporters” are naming specific businesses — like King Soopers.  And I can’t help but wonder if it’s product placement?  Or placed advertisement (for a fee, of course).

The next video kind of goes off-topic, but his message is nevertheless important.  I just wished he would have said the older generation, period.  The Boomers who lost their homes and/or their life savings when Wall Street played their little games with the stock market and credit default swaps have been committing suicide at alarming rates…and you don’t hear anything about it.








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