Ode to Joy

This just goes to repeating — so absolutely beautiful — musically and spiritually.

I am still reeling from yesterday’s post.  So I’m a jumble of mixed feelings today — hard to be positive in so much darkness.

If you’re feeling like me, just remember The Message: Do Unto Others As you Would Have Done to you — it’s in every major religion, as I’ve posted here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

God Bless all of us that feed the Light and keep the Faith even in dark times such as this.


Israel and American deaths with 9/11/01

As I was viewing both videos below with emotions of anger, tears, and despair, I had to check myself because it is too easy to blame all Jews for what happened…especially with the second video.

So I’m asking my dear readers to do the same…I guarantee you will feel some strong emotions if you care at all what happened to the USS Liberty and the World Trade Center Towers.  However, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about condemning an entire group of people for the actions of a few.

Despite the second videos’ assertions towards the Jewish Mafia…they haven’t done this all by themselves.  People who claim to be Christians and Muslims have helped them, too.

As Gloria Steinem ( A Jewess) was quoted as saying, “The truth will set you free…but first it will piss you off.”

The first video is with Jim Fetzer and Dennis Camino (sp?) reviewing the evidence that the WTC were not  brought down by planes, but by controlled demolition.  More evidence by Camino supports, or rather, does not support the official story.  And when Camino illustrates the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon, it does indeed look ridiculous that we ever accepted that a plane could fly that low…it would literally be scraping the ground in order to hit the Pentagon as the official story goes….

I have to take exception to Camino’s evaluation of American intellect.  There are lots of smart people who were taken in by this…and we have a very convincing media that did not do its job of calling them out on this.

To blame Americans for being ignorant of information that was not only kept from them, but aided by slick CGI graphics showing destruction and death is, to me at least, blaming the victim.  Because we were all victims of this tragedy.  Hell, I’m a Communications major, and I did not see this for what it was.  I did not want to believe someone would do this on purpose.

In the next video, it is more detailed as to the connections and coverups that connect Israel with 9/11 and gives much more detail about the USS Liberty.  I first heard of Israel attacking the USS Liberty about five years ago.  I thought the person stating it was anti-Jewish and I wanted to believe that it was mistaken identity.  However, after seeing this report, on how the attack went on for two hours, and that Israel fired on the sailors in the life rafts…it cannot be chalked up as a mistake.    Israel knew it was an American ship they were firing upon.  And Lyndon Johnson pulled back rescue flights.  What a slimebag.

Again, it will piss you off, but please keep in mind that not all Jews believe this is right.  If you recall, it was a Jewish blogger that was protesting Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians with Rachel Corrie when she was run over by the bulldozer.

With that in mind, here is the video:


Near the end of the video, they mention the remote control of airplanes.  My thoughts go to two places:  geoengineering/chemtrails and Malaysian flight MH370.

In researching MH370, it was said that the plane disappeared from radar.  The plane could have been still in the air, flying, but someone with ill intent could have made it seem that the plane had been lost by simply blocking the signal to radar equipment.  That would make it difficult to know exactly where the airliner went down….it could have disappeared a hundred miles from where it actually went off radar.

As you know, I had a vivid dream of MH370 about two weeks after it disappeared.  It was at the bottom of the ocean, everyone still strapped in their seats — with the exception of three bodies I saw float to the top.  To be more specific, these three people were in the first three seats of the left side of the plane (as you face forward), at the front of the regular section (in other words, not first class).   And this I did not reveal before, because I did not want to upset folks, but I have to say that the feeling I got was that these three were somehow connected, perhaps even responsible, for the plane going down.

The geoengineering/chemtrails is a side trip, but briefly, the thing that always bothered me was that a fellow American would be poisoning his/her own countrymen and family members.  Now, there are sociopaths that would have no qualms about that, but it is not likely.  That is why I put it in another post about the planes being remote-controlled (see chemtrail cowboy post); but it is also possible that Israel has something to do with it, as well.

It’s just something that popped into my head…so nothing to back that up with — just a gut feeling…especially when you consider that Washington D.C. is a target with layers upon layers of chemtrails sprayed. This has to be affecting their physical health as well as mental health (strontium and aluminum are heavy metals, which are known neurotoxins that affect mental functioning).

We have had close to a month of nearly solid cloud cover here — with 2 or 3 sunny or partly sunny days.  That is not normal.  It is also not normal that the clouds form a solid mass — that does not happen unless it’s going to storm.  Which, other than the last couple of days, it has not really rained/stormed.  This morning, I saw they had sprayed chemtrails in the familiar crisscross pattern….and this afternoon, there was that familiar solid cloud cover, blocking all sunlight.  It is not a naturally occurring pattern of cloud cover.

Finally, this video dramatically highlights why we should not have privatization — just look at all of the evidence that was not in public hands via the public agencies which are supposed to protect us from just this sort of thing happening.

How do you feel knowing Israel, via the private tech companies, is listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, getting into your medical records, viewing your bank accounts, using drones and whatnot to watch your home, your car, your life??

Does it concern you that Chertoff, as head of the Dept of Hysterical Security, which runs emergency preparedness drills while enlisting the media to pretend they are real?  How about the San Bernardino false flag where it appears two Muslims were executed??  Makes you think twice, doesn’t it?  What about Baltimore, where the Palestinian observers were saying that the militarized Baltimore police were worse than the Israelis?  What if they were actually trained by the Israelis?   What about all the politicians that have come out strongly for Israel’s interests ahead of our own?  I’m thinking of Bill and Hillary Clinton, among the rest, who so strongly advocate for Israel.  And now we have the worst spy ever, Pollard, being released!!

I’m just throwing this stuff out there as it pops into my head — it really concerns me that this has gone on for so long and reaches so deep.  We’re in trouble, to put it mildly.







Forcing Vaccines on Veterans

Age of Autism has this up on a bill which in essence forces vaccination upon those who’ve fought for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and after winning WWII, the right to decide what goes into our bodies via the Nuremberg code.

Of course, the Clinton Administration was already using troops for experimentation with vaccination as I posted here. 

This coming from a man who dodged the Vietnam draft NOT because he was a conscientious objector…because we have seen with him going to war to divert attention away from the many, many sex scandals…he has no conscience nor any qualms about sending others to their deaths.  Creep.





Waving Goodbye to the Cranes

I was standing outside in the morning sun when I heard the song of the cranes...only I couldn’t see them.    I could hear them long before they came into view.  They were young ones, making their characteristic song.

And, yes, they were headed south in their typical V formation.  See you next Spring, guys, God willing.

Here’s a cute video on parent and baby eating bugs:

Finding my lost sense of humor..

…is an unexpected benefit to fasting.  Yep.

So, this is another boring post on my adventure in recovering from heavy metal poisoning; being poisoned by Big Pharma via Synarel, and just life in general….so if you’re not so inclined, you’ll probably want to skip this post.

So…it’s been about six weeks since beginning 24-hour fasting….and I cannot say enough about it!  I feel so good while fasting that it is nothing short of a miracle.  I feel like my old self.  I have even cracked a few jokes here and there while fasting.  I was known for my wit and it was one of the things that comforted me when life threw me some curve balls.

But with mercury poisoning, it closed down the creative part of my brain.  I lost that treasure of wit and making jokes at the silly things in life….just when I needed it the most.  As hard as I tried, I could not muster up that *spark* that creativity comes from…

I don’t know what it is about the fasting, (and the coffee enemas) but it is helping me a great deal if I can feel like my pre-mercury self.  What a miracle.  Truly. 🙂

And the coffee enemas have stopped two migraines so far…keeping fingers crossed…

I feel blessed.



More on San Bernardino False Flag

Here’s another good video examining evidence of yet another false flag.  Note the parking lot of the center:  it’s EMPTY!  I wish I could take credit for noticing it first, but a commenter below the video pointed it out.  It states that the center had been CLOSED.  But as you see a helicopter fly over, there are cars in the parking lot.  WTH?

Something is definitely not adding up here.  The woman witness who states the shooters were white guys of muscular build with military vests on  and assault weapons– was very descriptive —  she goes on with saying that she saw them spray gunfire back and forth.  Now I’m wondering — how on earth did she see all of this from one spot?

She also describes in detail that they had black hat, long sleeve shirts, cargo pants on with pockets and zippers on the side; he had “extra ammo coming ready for something”;  he had six magazines…I mean, really, can it be possible that she had seen so much detail in the frenzied moments of seeing an active shooter??

And a key word here is “extra ammo” and “coming ready for something”.  This is a phrase I have been hearing over and over looking at false flag reports.  It’s also something Obama and the rest have been saying when talking about taking away the public’s 2nd Amendment rights — limiting amounts of purchase.

My instincts are telling me this “witness” is a plant.  Especially if the place has been CLOSED.  We have two very different photos — one with cars in the parking lot, and one where no cars are in sight.   And if the place was closed, then there was no “workplace violence” was there?

The video guy Alex makes a good point about a “fartbook post” supposedly done by the supposed gunman.  Anybody could have posted it.  The CIA could have hacked the account and put anything they wanted up there.

Like I said about my driver’s license photo being distorted — the flash came before the lens clicked, so the camera took the picture as I squinted from the flash, making it look like I was frowning (mad?).  And it added twenty pounds and ten years — this is not normal as I took ID photos for the state.  Those cameras were pretty accurate in capturing the likeness of the subject.  I mean, every camera adds ten pounds, this we know, but the picture from the BMV camera is grossly distorted.  Why?

In addition, I sometimes forget that folks don’t know what I know — Photoshop can alter photos to insert things that were not there.  And as we have seen with the other false flag videos, actors can stand in front of a green screen (which is basically a vivid green painted section on the wall), and the video editor can add any scenery he/she wants in the background.

I saw this with the recent Paris false flag, where they were trying to say that the *cough* reporter was in Paris reporting…but a funny thing happened where it was RAINING and the reporter was dry.  Hmmmm….

And I agree with Alex — the shooting of the SUV looked like an execution.  I cannot tell you how chilling that is…

…and now they are *cough* reporting that the miraculous third person — a neighbor — has been arrested.  Third patsy, you mean?  They are saying he bought the guns for these “radicalized” people…when nobody who knows them will confirm that.  They say they were not radicalized — religious, but not fanatics.

And CNN is trying to say there is not enough government surveillance?  That somehow these folks just got past them?  Are you freaking kidding me??

They are reading your emails. They have access to your bank accounts.  They have access to your medical records.  They can tap your phones.  They can track your internet usage.  They can put cameras in every room in your house.

And CNN is saying they don’t have enough surveillance??

What more can they possibly do to violate Americans’ privacy rights guaranteed them by the Fourth Amendment?

What about the Sixth Amendment — the right to a trial before one’s peers where they have to present evidence against the person?  Where the person has a right to speak?  Where the person has a right to confront their accusers?  Where a person is represented by an attorney?


Stop the Klamath Agreements, Save our Wild Salmon

Warrior Publications

Klamath River protester 1 Oni Rose Orcutt stands in the algae contaminated Trinity River, where her ancestors have fished since time immemorial (Photo contributed by Oni’s mother)

Will Senator Greg Walden attempt to slam through fraudulent legislation for the smoke and mirror Klamath agreement?

December 15th2015 (Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon)
The infamous Klamath water Agreements appear to be on their final days. Rumor has it that Tuesday December 15th Senator Greg Walden will attempt to slam through fraudulent legislation for the smoke and mirror Klamath agreement. But there’s a catch. The bill as it stands today will no longer include the language for dam removal, which has been a primary bargained for benefit to signatory tribes to improve historic Klamath River wild salmon runs that have been irreversibly damaged by settler occupancy.

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