Dog Treats linked to pet deaths


This got to me because Pookie is a schnauzer, too.  I’d be heartbroken if she died from kidney failure from creeps making poisonous dog food.

The FDA is worthless. Period.  Might as well call them the Department of Big Pharma.

Has anybody else noticed how sick our pets and other animals are?

Since the 90s, I’ve had an epileptic dog, a cat that had a serious lung disorder or cancer (vet didn’t know which); and a cat with diabetes that required insulin.

Is it the GMO’s?  Toxins? Plain old poison in the food?  I mean, we have some sick whackos in Big Pharma that insist their products are safe and effective when people are made chronically ill, such as Lupron/Synarel.  Why would the chemists working for dog food companies blink an eye at toxic pet food?

They use animals for testing products that maims or kills them…so why would they value someone’s pet?

From the comments below the video:

I almost lost my Collie due to the Wagon Train jerky treats. He was throwing up foamy looking stuff and had a seizure. Fortunately, I did some research and saw everyone’s reviews about this treat and made the connection. He hasn’t had anymore jerky and he’s been fine since.–Arielle Sioux


I wish I’d known this before§ My dog died exactly from this stuff 7 years ago, I’m sure of it. Furthermore, after my dog died, I passed the left over uneaten food to my neighbor before I went away for the summer. My neighbor’s dog died before I return home. Both Dogs were older but in healthy condition before they ate this food. My distributer must have known about it because when I returned, the stuff was no longer on the shelves.–Bombast Biniou


And a warning to the humans, as well:

Please be careful about buying ground beef for humans imported from countries known for foot and mouth disease. Our government is allowing it under the new trade laws. This type of warning should be put on our ground beef packages as well!–Mark Rivenbark


Another video has helpful advice:

Dog Food Synthasite here.

This was on their “Dirty Tricks” page:

Dirty tricks: Conveniently placed loop holes in dog food:

  1. Split labels/part labels: This trick makes you think the first ingredient is meat. (always buy labeled meat, bone meal, meal, etc.) It splits an ingredient  so it’s not the more then the meat. Example: chicken meal, corn meal, corn gluten…  But when you add corn meal with corn gluten the total of corn is more then the chicken. It should really look like this: corn meal, corn gluten, chicken meal. A food based on grain or vegetables is very unhealthy for dogs or cats! Dogs and cats need a diet well more then 50% meat based. (labeled meat!)
  2. Not full ingredient: this allows companies to skimp a little on good ingredients without putting it on the label. For example: it may say barley, but only be a certain amount of barely, while the rest of it consists of something less healthy or overly used like soy. So if your dog has an allergy and your looking for a food without allergy causing food you may be deceived and get something that has the allergy causing food in it even thought the label says it doesn’t. Not all companies use this trick but beware of it and ask the company if the allergy causing ingredient is in the food even if you don’t see it on the label.
  3. Price: (this technically isn’t a trick but many people make the wrong decision because of this.)




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