Bob Paulson, RCMP boss, wants warrantless access to online subscriber info

This part of the report leaps out at me:
—Police say telecommunications companies and other service providers — such as banks and rental companies — now demand court approval for nearly all types of requests from authorities for basic identifying information.

The Supreme Court judgment came amid mounting public concern about authorities quietly gaining access to customer data with little oversight or independent scrutiny.—-

First — isn’t it AMAZING that Canada protects its citizens’ privacy and they have not had their 9/11??

I mean, really, Americans’ bank accounts, library accounts, internet, email, and homes no longer have ANY privacy whatsoever…

This report probably means they have already encroached on the Canadians’ privacy…and now they’re just trying to make it into law. Pretty much how they did in the United States.

And the American public has absolutely no freaking idea just how far they have gone and that they consider nothing sacred. NOTHING. Americans would be alarmed and outraged at how much of our privacy rights we have lost.

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RCMP cougar attack 1Police say telecos demand court approval for nearly all types of requests for basic identifying information

By Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press, Nov 25, 2015

Police need warrantless access to Internet subscriber information to keep pace with child predators and other online criminals, says RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

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