Blaming the victim


This is just too, too much.  And all too common.

I mean, really, this line of questioning is just soooo over the top: (from the link to the Daily Tar Heel)

“The woman student said to me, ‘Landen, as a woman, I know that if that had happened to me, I would’ve broken up with him the first time it happened. Will you explain to me why you didn’t?’” she said.


WTH?  She *must* be lying because she stayed with him after the first time it happened.  And using her depression and suicide attempt–manifestations of the abuse–is totally disgusting.  And to top it all off, they give confidential details to her parents!  And they’re claiming that these folks received training….?  Seriously?  Well, now, methinks that training was…well…worthless…probably based on Freudian concepts of women and sex .  /snark

(In the comments section of the common dreams link, the first comment…

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