Transcribed: Walmart’s Anti-union Employee Orientation Video

Walmarts have destroyed small town America. I avoid the place like the plague…but I wonder for how long? If people keep patronizing this business, how long will the other places be able to remain open? Don’t people think about this when they shop there? Every town looks alike now because the independents have been put out of business. And I don’t get the thought you can save money there — when I’ve had to go there because of no other option, I haven’t seen a great price difference between them and the chain grocery store I patronize. And the quality is not there, either. Send your money to China, folks!


In my November 11, 2015, post about former US senator Mary Landrieu’s becoming a “strategic advisor” for the very-anti-union Walton Foundation, I included the following nine-minute Walmart employee training video, which came to public attention in May 2015:

The video was made public, then disappeared, then returned.

Lest the video permanently disappear, I decided to transcribe the entire video so that the content is preserved. Plus it makes for some eyebrow-raising reading.

The video is a very telling account of the Waltons’ efforts to influence new employees to avoid signing an agreement to allow a union to represent them in labor negotiations. The video is entitled, “Protect Your Signature– New Associate Orientation.”

The primary message is that unions are out to make a buck, and that working at Walmart is ideal because all one must do to resolve any issue is speak to a leader. End of story.

But those…

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