Fasting and Health **edited

It always amazes me when I am researching something and then make discoveries that lead me to something else.  I’m on my fourth 24-hour fast (suggested by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride for chronic fatigue/leaky gut)…and I wanted to continue researching it.

I happened upon a webpage suggesting that fasting was not good for women…and could even be harmful because it impacts our hormones.

Concerned with fasting being detrimental, I continued to search and found this wonderful page....

…which led me to Dr. Fung’s wonderful video on Diabetes.  He is spot on with his description of diabetes being a curable disease.  Shocking, isn’t it??  We have been bamboozled by a for-profit medical industry and Big Pharma into thinking we HAD to have their drugs and multiple office visits in order to survive Diabetes, which used to be a diagnosis for death.

Dr. Fung explains that Diabetes has been treated as a degenerative, chronic disease with no hope….but he blasts that loose with his idea that fasting can break the vicious cycle of insulin resistance that plagues diabetics.

As I listened to him talk of all the major religions prescribing fasting for its healing properties, it strikes me that *positive religion* promotes healing.  Spiritually as well as physically.

Again, I am not a calcified medical professional.  Please do your own research and consult with your own calcified medical professional, who will probably tell you the wrong thing and take kickbacks from Big Pharma for prescribing drugs that can cause harmful side effects.

**edited to add:  see my post on my discovery of fasting and a rise in glutamates.  This is a problem for those with inflammation and exhibiting autistic symptoms or epilepsy.


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