I used to have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren…

Reblogging this — Madison still haunts me. She reminds me so much of my little boy when he was born — similar in disposition. I am just lucky that he was born before the big push for vaccines. I still feel guilty for giving the kids ANY vaccines. Humans survived for many generations before vaccines came into existence. Reading some of the ignorant comments saying that anti-vaxxers are killing babies by not vaccinating or speaking out against it is just insanity at its center. How come the United States, one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, is also the sickest…??


…but after this farce of an “interview” ….I hereby change my opinion of her fairness and intellect and upholding the Constitution, which gives people the right to be free of government intrusion in their lives, and I believe this includes forced vaccination.

Warren prefaces this with parents lining up to get polio vaccines.  But what she does not say is that polio cases were already going down when the polio vaccination programs began.   She also insults the intelligence of anti-vaxxers by stating that we have “forgotten” how things were.

No, we haven’t.  We are not stupid, either, as we have done our homework and drew our conclusions from intelligent introspection.  Again, it is a matter of autonomy –being able to choose what is right for us without being forced, coerced, and bullied by the billion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry and the talking heads willing to do their bidding without…

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